Montañita Spanish Language School :: Learn Spanish in the famous beach and surf village of Montañita, Ecuador - Spanish & Surf
Radical Surf

Experience customized coaching in our Unique Radical Surf course, where we will take you from a confident surfer, and craft your Mind, Body and Soul into your own surfing hero.

Our unique surf course is the result of an all encompassing passion for Surfing and more than 10 years experience with the South American professional circuit. With the guidance of our ISA Certified Coach and Judge, the unique Radical Surf course will have you take your surfing to the next level.

Our Comprehensive course is split into two Modules of four weeks, Level 1 and Level 2, with an optional 6 day surf trip in the middle. Whether you feel you have already mastered the techniques of Level 1 or are a little short on time, you can take only one of the modules, but we recommend taking the full program, because in just 8 weeks we can take your raw ability and mold you into the surfer you always dreamt about, by developing your...

Discover the secrets in board construction, swell forecasting, and psychological motivation and focusing tools used by competitive surfers. Combined with the technical aspects of the course to realize your true potential in the waves. You will also learn Spanish to help you discover the wonders of the Ecuadorian coast.

Our Surf Technician will draw on his years of experience to push your body and skills to the limit. We will combine exercise routines, diets and technical surfing instruction used to create competitive surfers, to craft you into a lean, mean, surfing machine.

Enrich your Soul by exploring this unique and amazing corner of the Earth. Use your Spanish to get to know the locals both in and out of the water. With the entire coastline boasting top notch surf, and the open camaraderie of surfers in the water, in Ecuador you will discover the true Soul of a Surfer.

Located in Montañita, the Heart and Soul of the Ecuadorian surf scene, and at the top of every travelers list in South America. With its rustic construction of bamboo and thatching and the creatively funky atmosphere on the land, and world class waves that attract International Surf Competitions and some of the big names on the South American circuit in the water, its little wonder why. If spending the day surfing the world class point break known as “La Punta”, followed by a night enjoying the impromptu music, fire dancing, capoeira and acrobatics that start in the streets, sounds like a dream to you, then Montañita is the place where dreams come true.

Highlights: During your 8 weeks in Montañita you will receive:

Pro Coaching
Motivation & Focus training
Mind & Body Conditioning
Achievement Based Curriculum
Swell Forecasting
Epic Surf Safaris
Board Repair

Inclusions per 4 week Module:

4 weeks of customised professional surf coaching
Several weekly feedback and evaluation sessions to set objectives and measure progress
Personalised record of your progress
Access to a variety of surf breaks to develop your skills
Local surf trips
Use of surf equipment 24/7
Surf exercise program and use of equipment
Transfers to all program activities
30 Hours Spanish tuition
28 night Dorm accommodation at the Montañita Cabanas

Two course dates per level 2013
Level 1 Surf Safari (Optional Extra) Level 2
25 February–22 March 23 March – 28 March 01 April – 26 April
01 July– 26 July 27 July – 01 August 05 August–30 August

Montanita Spanish school voted by the Language Industry as one of the top 5 Spanish schools worldwide (STAR awards 2009)
Montanita Spanish School
Address: Via Principal, en la montaña 50 metros antes del Paradero de buses (On the main street, on the hill 50 meters before the bus stop).
Telephone: from abroad: (593-4) 2060116 - in country: (04) 2060116
Cell: from abroad: (593-9) 99184735 / in country: (09) 99184735
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In loving memory of our founder and inspiration: Warwick White